Costa Rica - Café Vida

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Madis Coffee's Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee Beans - Café Vida, Central Valley
Light Roast

Explore the captivating world of our Single Origin Costa Rica coffee beans from Café Vida in the Central Valley, a region at the heart of Costa Rica's illustrious coffee industry. The Central Valley's high elevation, consistent weather, and volcanic soil contribute to the exceptional quality and diverse range of coffees, making this region highly esteemed among coffee lovers.

Uniquely Central Valley
Our beans from Café Vida capture the quintessential traits of a classic Costa Rican coffee. Grown in the ideal conditions of the Central Valley, these beans embody the perfect balance of sweetness and soft acidity that Costa Rican coffees are renowned for. Their cultivation in this fertile region ensures a coffee experience that is both rich and harmonious.

Flavor Journey:
Experience a delightful medium roast with our Costa Rica Single Origin. Each cup offers the comforting taste of toasted nuts and a pleasing, balanced acidity. Whether you're brewing a morning cup, a robust espresso, or crafting an espresso martini, these beans provide a versatile and satisfying base for all your coffee creations.

Craft and Diversity:
Café Vida's coffee beans are a product of meticulous care and dedication. Suited for both blending and as a standalone offering, they represent the expansive range and high quality of beans sourced from the Central Valley. Our roasting process highlights their natural flavors, making them ideal for a variety of home brewing methods, from espresso machines to traditional pour-overs.

Experience the Richness of Costa Rica:
Madis Coffee's Costa Rica Single Origin beans are more than just coffee; they're a celebration of the Central Valley's rich coffee heritage. With each brew, you're not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you're partaking in the region's long-standing tradition of coffee excellence.

Perfect for Home Coffee Aficionados:
For those who delight in crafting the perfect espresso at home, experimenting with espresso martinis, or simply enjoy a well-rounded cup, our Costa Rica Single Origin beans from Café Vida are an ideal choice. Discover the subtle complexities and enticing flavors that make our beans a standout selection.

Taste the essence of Costa Rica with Madis Coffee's Costa Rica Single Origin - Café Vida, Central Valley. A coffee journey awaits in every bean.

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Costa Rica - Café Vida

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