Guatemala - Quetzal Huehuetetenango

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Madis Coffee's Guatemala Single Origin Coffee Beans
Light Roast

Embark on a flavorful expedition with our Single Origin Guatemala coffee beans, hailing from the serene highlands of Huehuetenango, a region known for its lush forests and rich coffee heritage. These beans capture the essence of their origin, offering a taste that's as vibrant as Guatemala itself.

Uniquely Huehuetenango:
Grown in the cool, mountainous terrain of western Guatemala, our beans benefit from the unique climate and soil of the area. Local farmers, deeply connected to their land, harvest only the ripest cherries, ensuring that every bean is imbued with the region's distinct character.

Flavor Expedition:
As you indulge in this light roast, let the harmonious notes of almond, cacao, and coffee cherry awaken your senses. Our expert roasters have masterfully highlighted the intricate flavors native to Huehuetenango's coffee— a seamless blend of nutty, chocolatey, and fruity tones creating a captivating coffee experience.

Craft and Community:
Our Guatemala Single Origin beans are not just a product, but a celebration of the dedicated farmers and their time-honored practices. Embracing the Quetzal program, we extend our support beyond purchasing, contributing to the livelihoods of these hardworking men and women, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their exceptional coffee.

Experience the Heart of Guatemala:
From the verdant slopes of Huehuetenango to your cup, our Single Origin Guatemala coffee beans are a journey through the culture, passion, and tradition of Guatemalan coffee. Each sip transports you to the heart of this remarkable region, letting you savor the rich history and vibrant flavors that define our Huehuetenango harvest.

A perfect selection for those who appreciate the art of coffee, from its meticulous cultivation to the joy of brewing. Discover the essence of Guatemala in every cup.

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Guatemala - Quetzal Huehuetetenango

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