Ethiopia - Tega & Tula / Gera Sublot

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Madis Coffee's Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee Beans – Light Roast

Embark on an exquisite journey with Madis Coffee's Single Origin beans from the Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm. These two adjacent farms, nestled within the lush UNESCO-protected forests of Kaffa, Ethiopia, are the heart of our light roast coffee. Cultivated in fertile lands and nourished by the wisdom of the community, each bean tells a story of tradition and quality.

Uniquely Tega & Tula:
Drawing from nearly 500 hectares of vibrant coffee-growing terrain, the Tega & Tula farms produce coffee that is as rich in flavor as it is in heritage. The farms pay homage to their namesake villages with coffee that is meticulously tended by local farmers, earning 20% more on average to support the Fair Chain philosophy.

Flavor Journey:
Discover a tapestry of flavors with each cup, where fresh citrus and potpourri blend harmoniously with the mild sweetness reminiscent of fruit. These heirloom Ethiopian varieties are washed to perfection, offering a tantalizing taste experience guided by the roast profile crafted by Madis Coffee's passionate roasters.

Craft and Community:
Madis Coffee prides itself on bringing you a coffee that elevates the community it comes from. By choosing our Ethiopia Single Origin coffee, you're not just enjoying a cup; you're participating in a larger story of sustainable living and community empowerment.

Experience the Essence of Ethiopia:
Madis Coffee invites you to savor the legacy of the Tega & Tula farms with our Ethiopia Single Origin beans. It's more than a brew; it's an appreciation of the rich tapestry of Ethiopian coffee culture. Enjoy the profound depths and bright aromas that capture the essence of its origin with every sip."

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Ethiopia - Tega & Tula / Gera Sublot

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